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Thinking Allowed - The Roots of Consciousness

Thinking Allowed - The Roots of Consciousness
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Thinking Allowed - The Roots of Consciousness

Series moderator Jeffrey Mishlove interviews speakers on myths, psychic experiences, free will, and the unconscious. Conversations about knowledge and discovery. Four programs: Understanding Mythology by Joseph Campbell; Psychology of Religious Experience by Huston Smith; Determinism, Free Will and Fate by Arthur Young; and Toward a New Paradigm of the Unconscious by Stansilav Grof.

It's four complete episodes of Thinking Allowed with host, Dr. Jefferey Mishlove ripped from an out-of-print VHS tape. It contains a fantastic interview with Campbell which has since been removed from later DVD releases, as well as 3 other fascinating interviews on the subjects of human consciousness, psychology, and religious experience

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