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Ken Wilber - Superhuman OS Fundamentals

Ken Wilber - Superhuman OS Fundamentals
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In this 10-module broadcast online training, Ken will guide you through the fundamental installations and applications of the Superhuman OS that you'll need to illuminate the full spectrum of your potential and cultivate the greatest possible version of yourself.
Each training session will build upon the next, so that you will develop a complete understanding of the tools, information, and practices that you'll need to begin to express your true greatness in daily life.

Loading Module: Upgrading Your Operating System

Access and Explore Your Human Operating System To Initiate The Process of Upgrading Your Awareness

In this opening session Ken introduces some important concepts that will lay the foundation for the Superhuman OS framework and prepare you for the in-depth training modules that follow.
In this session Ken speaks about what Superhuman potential means, how to cultivate our true greatness, and what neuroplasticity means for your own developmental evolution.

Installation 1: Accelerating Your Evolution

Install a technology for your mind to illuminate the full spectrum of your development, catalyze growth and enrich your understanding of yourself, others and the world

In this session you'll discover the scientifically validated process of growth and development that all humans evolve through.
When you fully install this simple yet powerful mental model you will have the ability to understand world events as well as personal life events and your relationships in a powerful new way. You'll improve your ability to understand the worldview others, how it contrasts with your own, as well as large scale developmental paradigms that influence our collective reality. The world will start making much more sense.

Installation 2: Activating your Full Spectrum Potential

Illuminate the full spectrum of your skills, talents and abilities to cultivate your true greatness and live your life at the highest level

In this training you'll explore the second essential framework of the Superhuman OS for understanding your "multiple intelligences" and how they evolve through the 8 levels of development.
As you'll discover in this installation, all human beings have many different "lines" of potential inherent in them, laying dormant, waiting to be cultivated. When you begin to understand the primary lines of intelligence that are already within you, you can begin to consciously cultivate the ones that are most important to you.

Installation 3: Accessing Your Multidimensional States of Being

Explore your five primary states of consciousness to awaken your highest potentials and discover the superhuman dimensions of who you really are

In this third Installation of the Superhuman Operating System, Ken introduces us to the five essential states in the spectrum of consciousness.
Beginning with shedding light on the familiar waking state and progressing through ever more subtle experiences of consciousness, Ken takes the listener on a journey to explore some of the most profound potential experiences a human being can have, including a pointing out of the non-dual state.

Installation 4: Actualizing the Innate Power of Your Typology

Discover the underlying drives and impulses of your personality and sexuality so that you can optimize your life to leverage your unique gifts and abilities

In the 4th Installation of the Superhuman Operating System, Ken introduces us to Types and Drives. Here, we delve into how to identify and maximize the potentials of our inherent nature as well as the more complex aspects of who we are, such as our predilections and natural abilities.
Ken also introduces us to some of the essential "drives" shared by all humans and indeed all of life. Understanding how to identify and work with our unique typologies and drives is crucial to fine tuning our development and maximizing the results of the Superhuman OS.

Installation 5: Awakening Your 4-D Vision

Expand your perception to reveal the four fundamental dimensions of reality, so that you can perceive the full spectrum of life and create solutions at a higher level

In this fifth installation of the Superhuman OS, Ken describes the four distinct dimensions that make up all of our experience.
By understanding these four dimensions, which are distinct domains of truth, we can clearly see how they impact and influence our daily life.
When we are able to consciously integrate all four dimensions into our awareness, we perceive ourselves and our world in a truly holistic way, and are able to rise above the blind spots and biases that keep us from reaching our full potential.
This is What You'll Experience in Installation 5:

Application 1: Cultivating Your Superhuman Body

Discover the three essential aspects of your human body so that you can express the full range of you physical, subtle and causal abilities

In this module Ken illuminates the framework for understanding and cultivating three primary bodies that every human being has within them.
Our bodies are our energetic vehicles in this life. They are our anchors in the world and our responsibility from birth to death and beyond. Each body supports a different state of being and consciousness.
Taking care of ourselves in large part means taking care of our body and in this first Application module, Ken takes us through all three primary aspects of our body: the gross, the causal and the subtle, and offers his insight and personal advice on how to care for and continually develop ourselves in our physical form.

Application 2: Shadow Vision

Illuminate the hidden influences and blind spots that sabotage your development and hold you back from achieving the highest visions for yourself and your life

This week Ken sheds new light on one of the most important and misunderstood aspects of personal and spiritual development, known as 'Shadow'.
Hidden deep beneath our conscious personality are layers of repressed energy - energy that can inhibit our development by causing us to avoid aspects of our experience or by encouraging damaging addictions.
This trapped life energy is called Shadow, and in this powerful Application 2, Ken brings to the surface how Shadow is formed, the effects it can have, how we can identify our own Shadow and what we can do to reveal our own trapped energies and transform them in the light of our Superhuman potential.

Application 3: Activating Your Inner Tech

Discover the full range of inner technology that will open you to entirely new realms of power, energy, vision and fulfillment in your life

In Application 3 Ken illuminates some of the most important and foundational practices of personal and spiritual development: meditation and inner technologies.
The culmination of the Superhuman OS program is in its implementation. In this penultimate module, Ken introduces "Inner Tech" - the practices, methods and strategies that will help you combine all the different facets of the Superhuman OS into a singularly powerful path of personal and collective transformation.

Reboot Module: Unleash the Greatest Version of You

Integrate all the installation and applications of the Superhuman OS in your direct experience to discover the full spectrum version of yourself

This very special 2-Hour finale for the Superhuman Operating System concludes in a truly unique, powerful and ceremonious way, enabling you to be fully grounded in your new Superhuman capacities and setting the stage for how you can live an extraordinary life.
In this epic final training of the Superhuman OS Ken will take you on a far reaching journey into and beyond everything that you've learned and experienced over the past 10 weeks.

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It features, among other things, gamma brain entrainment waves. For those who are familiar with the neuroscientific research on meditation, gamma brainwaves will be familiar particularly because they were found in Tibetan Buddhist monks who were practicing compassion meditation.
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