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Damien Bertrand - Reincarnated - Past Lives

Damien Bertrand - Reincarnated - Past Lives
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Licensed hypnotherapist Damien Bertrand guides ordinary people through emotionally charged past-life regressions to discover the origins of mysterious obsessions, unexplained phobias, peculiar abilities and recurring nightmares. These past-life memories are brought to life via stunning cinematic re-creations from the bloody battlefields of Britain's Middle Ages to the desert villages of ancient Jerusalem, transporting viewers into ancient worlds as vivid as the present day. What's more, at every conclusion, the seemingly random names, locations and information revealed by each participant while under hypnosis are validated by extensive research and physical evidence. Will knowing who they were then change how they live now?

Shelise & Julian
S1, Ep1 (pilot)
The source of Shelise's strange compulsion to repeat an invasive medical procedure is revealed when Damian offers proof of her extremely diverse multiple past lives. Julian's emotional regression leads him to the bloody battlefields of 15th century France to help him break the cycle of violence he fears in his current life.

Anika & Carlos
S1, Ep2
29 Mar. 2014
Anika & Carlos
Currently traumatized by a series of life-threatening events, Anika regresses to her past life as a mischievous 1930's circus performer and experiences a valuable lesson about courage. Carlos' recurring dreams of his dead sister have paralyzed him in the fear that his own young daughter will soon suffer the same fate. Will startling evidence that he may have actually been a 19th century wife and mother in a past life help him learn to let go?

Laura, Vincent & Devavani
S1, Ep3
5 Apr. 2014
Laura, Vincent & Devavani
When a mother of three turns to past life regression to overcome the guilt of choosing career over family, Damian reveals remarkable proof of her previous existence as an 19th century Mexican widow. Vincent's regression takes him back in time to tribal Australia in search of the ex-girlfriend he believes to have known in a past life. Will evidence of Devavani's previous life as an orphaned Italian refugee help bring her closer to her own estranged family?

IMDB Review
I hadn't known this show was out. Not sure it still is. Only 2 episodes. I enjoyed it. It is a little bit over-dramatic, but the four stories I've seen were pretty moving. Some may say reincarnation is hooey, but more people in the world believe in it than don't. So it is every bit as valid a topic as many other religious or philosophical subjects. To tackle it at the street level like this is overdue. He regresses people who think they might learn something about why they have certain worries or concerns. None of the people turned up famous lifetimes, so that is one thing in its favor: Not everybody can be Napoleon or Cleopatra, after all. Their past life accounts were about really ordinary people for the days and ages asserted - a soldier, 2 mothers, a circus family member, a sailors. Their pertinent past lives each included some tragic event or situation that did seem to bear on their current life concerns. I've seen other past life connection videos, and this one had a feel of those others, even if it is produced in a slightly over-dramatic way.

The counselor/hypnotist seems as well grounded as I would want in a hypnotist - not a lot of bull, not a lot of pandering, just trying to help the patients come to their own realization. I'd give HIM an 8.5 or so on his solidity. I did enjoy the episodes and I hope the show is still going.

For those of us who DO believe in reincarnation (most of the world), it is nice to see this presented at all. I was into it with them. I'd like to see more. I guess that latter is the bottom line for a viewer, isn't it? Make my vote a 7.5.

As someone who believes in reincarnation and also works professionally in the field of history,I find the tv show Reincarnated: Past Lives both tantalizing and frustrating. There is so much that they come up with that is strongly suggestive of reincarnation. Unfortunately, the historical evidence falls short of being entirely convincing.

There are many things to like about this show. The hypnotherapist in the show, Damian Bertrand, is careful to avoid knowing anything about their cases before he begins the hypnosis. He seems to be good about sticking to journalist type questions (who, where, what, why, and when) to avoid unintentionally suggesting answers to the client. That is one of the objections that skeptics have to the use of hypnosis to recover memories. I will be getting further into that in an upcoming blog.

The cases illustrate some common themes one sees in past life studies. In the premiere, Shelise feels compelled to donate her eggs so that infertile couples have a chance of having a family. It was determined that in her past life, she had been an outcast because she had been unable to have children. This kind of cause and effect is typical in reincarnation cases. What struck me the most about this case was how palpable her pain was when she was under hypnosis talking about that. It felt very true, not like it was just some made up story from someone whose imagination is running wild.

In the second episode, a man of Mexican descent suddenly found himself able to speak and understand French under hypnosis. Not only was it French, it was Canadian French, which is generally unintelligible to most people who speak Continental French as a second language. How does one even begin to explain that in our current realm of knowledge about how the mind works?

On the down side, the historical evidence to back up the cases could be a lot stronger. In the case of Carlos, the aforementioned man who spoke French, he claimed to have been a woman named Rosalind Balthazar, who was married to a man named Louis in Montreal, Canada. In some baptismal records from the Montreal area, Bertrand was able to find a Rosalie Balthazar from the right time period. Why would Balthazar would be her maiden name instead of her married name, considering that she said she had a husband? It's possible that that was an editing gaffe, and he may have given the name of Balthazar at an earlier point in the hypnosis than when he said that he was married. The Balthazar family was found to have emigrated to Wisconsin, where Bertrand then found a census record indicating that there was a man named Louis who was married to a woman named Rosa . Sorry, but that connection is pretty weak. Yes, Rosa could conceivably be a diminutive form of Rosalind, and Louis had a French last name. Still, finding a man named Louis married to a woman named Rosa doesn't mean much without a marriage certificate showing Balthazar as her maiden name. It's not like either first name is wildly unusual.

The other case in that episode was intriguing, but the historical documentation again was problematic. Anika told Bertrand under hypnosis that she was from a circus family with the last name of Winslow. Bertrand was able to find some names of some men working for a circus in that general time period with the names of her father and one of brothers. Another of the brothers was called Goliath. He was found in the records, but without a last name to tie him directly to the family. Bertrand could not find any records specifically for Catherine, Anika's past life persona. There is an unusual situation in this case, as circus folks didn't stay in one place. It's incredibly hard to track down birth, marriage, death, or even census records unless you know where they were living. Since Anika mentioned being in Africa for the circus, I would like to have seen documentation backing up the claim that the circus had indeed been in Africa at that time.

The lack of clear cut documentation doesn't necessarily mean that the people never existed. I've worked on plenty of non-reincarnation research projects where there is evidence to suggest that someone died in a specific place and time, but there are no government records to back that up. Sometimes records were lost, sometimes the names were written in the records incorrectly, and sometimes the assumed information was just plain wrong. Women are especially hard to track down, as they tended to be listed in the records as the daughter or wife of some man, if they are mentioned at all. Whoever does the behind the scenes research for this show does not have the luxury of time to spend years tracking down the records like some researchers so.

All in all, I like the show. While they stretch the historical connections somewhat, they are also upfront about the fact that doing historical research for earlier time periods is not as easy and straightforward as one might assume. The strong point of the show is that it illustrates the emotional connection between lives and other aspects of reincarnation, such as the tendency to switch sexes throughout our lifetimes. I will be looking forward to watching this hopefully for many seasons to come.
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